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Can we just get some footage of Dean in John Cena’s lavish dressing room touching everything while Cena is just in the corner like..


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Gets funnier the more you watch it.

Every time I see the segment with Dean, Cena and The Authority; it makes me laugh because Dean runs right past everyone, and for a second I thought he was heading for Triple H until he stopped and ran back and started going after Randy. I got a little excited too when I thought he may have gone to attack Triple H. 


So after Raw ended Cena and Ambrose had a cheer off to see who would get louder cheers (Dean won) so Dean gets out the ring to go up the ramp & he’s high-fiving fans and talking to them. On the other hand Cena exits the ring and is high-fiving fans on the left side of the ring. Then all of a…

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it was like watching a game of tag with these three lol 


Dean ;"Stay out of my way"

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Stop being cute. 

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cena out buying shirts at kmart he already has and gets for free like he don’t know he’s gettin’ murdered tonight and shouldn’t be wastin’ his money so it’s still there for his family when he’s gone

Oh, he think Brock a joke. RIP

I just wish I could have seen the look on the cashiers face when she looks at the shirt and then looks at him. Looks at the shirt, then looks at him. 

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