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Dean Ambrose and John Cena Funny Backstage segment : Raw,2014 (Full Back…

Things I thought during this segment 

 - He is like Joker without face paint 

-  i want to know when he used a cape 

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the whole batman thing, does not fit you…

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Dean Ambrose and John Cena are like two children whose mothers made them get together and have a sleepover because neither one has any friends

And John Cena’s like “wanna go look at my trading cards?” and Dean’s all like “i know where a dead body is”

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Thank you for that segment, WWE.

Thank you, Randy for both of those RKO’s!!!

I love this! I may give Cena heat every now and then, but I really love this what he did here. And I can’t wait to see Dean in a match for the WWE title.