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Why does it look like it’s leading up to Triple H vs Cena rather than Triple H vs Roman now???

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Damn! Cena is in a BAD mood.

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I died.


The best! 

Always reblog. Even if you don’t like Cena, just respect him. 

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John Cena had to go off and film The Marine 1?

So the kayfabe reason for his absense is  Carlito Colon’s cousin Jesus, stabbed Cena “in a bar fight” leaving him away from tv for a month to film?

I wonder what they’d do for Ambrose…

Oh God, Jesus stabbed Cena.

Oh God. I don’t even remember that but Marine 1 was such a good film!

LMAO!!!!! I remember that so well! Back in his “Thuganomics” days. It’s one of those storylines that WWE never brings up again. I remember thinking…”Stabbed?! WTF???” 

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John Cena whispers to The Shield they should look at Ryback (Fail)

I don’t know why I found this so interesting.

Remember the time Cena got drafted to Smackdown and then drafted back to Raw in the same night?

You can tell WWE was like…. “Shit! We didn’t want that to happen! Backtrack! Backtrack!”

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We’ve seen Cena vs Lesnar before. Why are they hyping it up so damn much?

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