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Comments for HWIK:

”OMG Naya is so good!”



“NAYA <3”

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“Naya’s voice is so strong!”


I guess Amber is a figment of our imagination, too. Even though you can hardly hear Naya in HWIK,…

Naya has been stealing Amber spotlight all season, how is this news?

The funny thing is that Amber/Mercedes fans hate Lea/Rachel because she is supposedly stealing her spotlight They don’t get that Rachel actually share the spotlight with Mercedes meanwhile Santana completely overshadow Mercedes. They just buy what the storyline is telling (Rachel is a diva and steal the spotlight from everyone) but if they think more about it they will notice that the Mercedes/Rachel storyline about the WSS play brought attention to the issue of Mercedes being neglected in the Glee Club and she even sang more than Rachel. In contrast the TT storyline Santana was the factor leader of the group stealing the spotlight she wanted and complained that Rachel was always getting. I still don’t blame them when the writer make Rachel the reason why some characters don’t get solos let’s forget about the fact that Rachel didn’t sing that much this season she hasn’t been stealing solos or spotlights she is actually sharing it and still she is getting hate.

I honestly don’t think Naya’s voice is that great. She lacks emotion in a song. I really noticed that during the “We are the champions” she didn’t put any emotion into it at all. It’s almost like she just sings as if she’s singing along with the radio. I think they also put her on songs that vocally she can’t handle, such as, Whitney Houston. The only songs that I liked that she did was “Valarie” and “Songbird”. I kinda feel that she’s been getting way more songs than she deserves, but that’s just my opinion.  

While in contrast Lea tore both we are the champion and Paradise up.   They need to give Lea more classic rock which are  better and more challenging song and let Naya do that pop stuff.

I agree with you. Lea is amazing when she does classic rock. All these ballads are getting on my last nerve. She has barely sang anything that doesn’t have to do with her relationship all season long. I loved when she did Bon Jovi last season. I want her to do more rock songs.  

they have become somewhat repetitive and then they always have to stick Finn’s face in it.   plus none of the are all that great of songs inthe first place.  all the great love songs int he world and they stick with recent top 40 stuff.  

You’re right. And top 40 today kinda sucks. With the exception of a few great artist. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the Rachel solos this season, probably because almost all had to do with Finn. It’s like all the fun has been sucked out of her. 

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    AND ONCE AGAIN, a post that’s about Amber suddenly becomes a post about Lea. I dont care about Lea and their song...
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    You’re right. And top 40 today kinda sucks. With the exception of a few great artist. I’ve been pretty disappointed with...
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    they have become somewhat repetitive and then they always have to stick Finn’s face in it. plus none of the are all that...
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    Especially when we know that Naya’s voice is not that good in live
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    I wouldn’t even get pissed because they judge music with their eyes not ears (even though Amber is visibly & vocally...