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Johnny Depp giving CPR to his jack Sparrow wig.

His stunt double is having the best day

Jack Sparrow laughing at another Jack Sparrow’s jokes just seems really appropriate

2012 / 2014

Dean Ambrose talking about Roman’s tattoo and pulling a prank

I really wish that he went through with this prank.



"You should know what I do to people who screw me over. I screw them back harder! *shoves screw driver in fake Seth’s mouth* This is how its gonna feel like for you on Sunday. And Seth, just to hammer this point home, *hits Seth with hammer* just to hammer this point home, I’m gonna tell you about how I saw something in my dream last night. I saw myself, chopping your testicles off last night in the middle of the hell in a cell. *has saw* And then I remembered you already sold your testicles to The Authority so I can’t do that. So let’s see how much testicular fortitude you have left! *grabs with tongs* Nah you don’t need to have kids anyway."

Dean Ambrose. (via teamalive9556)

Could…..could this be the rebirth of……*whispers*……Jon Moxley?

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