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Today! Grab your friends and be part of the phenomenon - The Best Man Holiday is now playing.  Get your tickets now! 

"Avengers 2 will explore where Hawkeye is. I mean, we’re wondering OH WHERE’S IRON MAN but really he’s the person who actually works in SHIELD and who’s a really good shot and, you know, is essentially Black Widow’s best buddy."
— Empire Podcast, ca. minute 56 (x) (also - if someone catches what he says right AFTER the best buddy I’d love you forever cause I can’t understand it)


India was way more fun than stopping a crazy-ass nuclear scientist from starting WWIII should be.

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Then and now.


the rock is fucking precious

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May 5th, you seem so far away.

Selena Quintanilla Perez
April 16, 1971 -  March 31, 1995