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Dean’s co-stars really need to give us a 30 minute warnings before they start posting pics.

We weren’t ready for that one. 

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In glorious technicolour, via Sarah Smyth’s Instagram.


*Breathes heavily* 

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 Playing cops n robbers with onset of


*runs around screaming*

OMG!!!!!! I can’t……the uniform…..the smirk….STOP! 

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oh hell to the no

I’m so tired of this bitch being all stunning and creeping up on me 

Why is he allowed to look this good? He is a serious health hazard to some women. 

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"if we’re friends or enemies we’re gonna own this business"

Donnie at Canon PIXMA PRO City Senses Boston Gallery
HQs @ Donnie Wahlberg Daily

The more I think about the possibility of Austin coming back for one more match; the more I feel that it has to be with Ambrose. That is something that the fans will be behind 100%. Two men that are very similar but very different at the same time. I can almost hear the WWE universe begging for it now. Just imagine Austin showing up on a Monday night RAW and he interrupts Ambrose while he’s giving a promo. Austin probably wouldn’t even have to say anything before the audience starts chanting "ONE MORE MATCH" , I can already feel the tension between Austin and Ambrose in that ring. The WWE needs to test this out and see how fans react to it. I think Austin vs Ambrose could be more anticipating than Rock vs Cena was.