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I'm so looking forward to my thirties, you have no idea. Everyone's twenties are all about searching and finding yourself. Every year, I was different! My twenties were a rollercoaster ride, so I'm looking forward to smooth sailing in my thirties. My audience is growing up with me, and I think that's good. I don't know what my music will always sound like, but I know it will always change…

Kelly Brianne Clarkson | April 24, 1982.

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Does anybody actually call it “Furious 6” though?

I just refer to it as “fast 6”. 

Beyoncé: Faces + Dancing 

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He even pulled his pants up so the bottoms wouldn’t get wet

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#also I love how he just lets it happen too #this man has the patience of a saint #he’s so chill #doesn’t give a fuck #he’s just like #yeah sure you can put this thing on my head #I don’t mind #have fun seriously #I’ll just sit here and let it happen #because I’m a six foot four fucking teddy bear #I look like I’ll rip your head from your shoulders #but I’m more likely to give you a cuddle #because I’m Chris fucking Hemsworth

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"I just remember him as being so effortlessly golden" - James Van Der Beek


Watch Paul Walker’s Unseen ‘Brick Mansions’ Fight Training Tapes (video)