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Now, finally, I get to step on you, sweetheart.


E.T., what about E.T.?

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Are people not realizing that the girl that Randy and Kim blocked sent Kim numerous insulting tweets? That block probably had nothing to do with Randy’s daughter - just the fact that some fans are bitter at this chick and want to send hate to her. 

You can still be a fan of somebody without liking the choices they make in life. And if you guys are this obsessed with the personal lives of people you don’t know - I can only imagine how overbearing you are to your actual friends and family in their relationships. 

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Today! Grab your friends and be part of the phenomenon - The Best Man Holiday is now playing.  Get your tickets now! 

"Avengers 2 will explore where Hawkeye is. I mean, we’re wondering OH WHERE’S IRON MAN but really he’s the person who actually works in SHIELD and who’s a really good shot and, you know, is essentially Black Widow’s best buddy."
— Empire Podcast, ca. minute 56 (x) (also - if someone catches what he says right AFTER the best buddy I’d love you forever cause I can’t understand it)